The Next Media Foundation’s mandate is to promote and develop people,
in support of future Online Content Channel Solutions.
Effective and efficient use of the video-medium
for information and communication delivery
requires a new approach, appreciation,
but also innovative application.

“The mind must see to believe”

Gilbert H Grosvenor

“It is this quote that continuously shape my life, my experience and endeavor.”

Today, in business, my focus is Africa, its people, its potential and most importantly
its growing relationship with the rest of the world.

To this end, the group of companies I have developed since 2004 is actively realizing this vision.
By bringing sought-after international television news gathering experience, expertise and
innovative video-content solutions,
we promote insightful and relevant storytelling.

The key medium for story telling today requires that the capture, store,
forward and live video content demands,
of this ever evolving modern society
is efficiently presented and distributed globally.

Our next generation projects are focused on hyper-Local OCC Solutions as catalyst for growth.
My team and I look forward to meeting you on this incredible journey.

Yours sincerely
Adolf K Spangenberg
Founder & Chief Engagement Officer